The presidential race, post-Orlando

On May 19th, Washington Post and FOX News Contributor Charles Krauthammer predicted “we are unlikely to go the next six months without a significant crisis”, stating that spontaneous yet inevitable events are “wild cards” that could decide the November race.

Less than one month in, here we sit with Orlando. A tragic shooting leaving 49 people shot dead and 53 injured certainly qualifies as a significant crisis by U.S. standards. Which brings us to the political effect: the debates about gun control and enhanced public security measures were revived just after Orlando hit the news wire. The discussion isn’t much different than what took place post-Sandy Hook or Aurora; tighter regulations, banning assault weapons, and the like.

But what sets Orlando apart than Sandy Hook and Aurora is that Islam butted heads with the LGBTs. This sparked internal ideological warfare within the left wing political establishment, a political crisis. Radical Islamists killing LGBT persons is a left wing-appeased group attacking another left wing-appeased group.

One group proved again Sunday night that they are unable to live in harmony with the other. Of course, Hillary Clinton and company think they can have it both ways. Why, she herself said that Muslims have nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism while also claiming to all the millions of LGBT citizens she will have their back.

Therefore, Clinton believes Belgium, Paris & Lebanon, San Bernadino, Fort Hood, the Boston Marathon, James Foley, the Oklahoma WalMart, and many more – all of which the Islamic State publically took credit for – have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. Give me a break.

Her pledge to protect LGBT citizens will also continue to deteriorate as long as she keeps generously importing potential radicals without conducting proper verification. Since radical Islam made it clear Sunday night they won’t be tolerating the LGBT way of life anytime soon, no peace will be made.

So what’s it going to be? Are we going to protect LGBT citizens – American citizens, mind you – and keep the Omar Mateens out, or the other way around? Clearly we can’t have both.

Donald Trump has been proposing the first option for quite some time: protect America first and turn away unscreened migrants who may hold bad intentions against the U.S. Yet in return he gets called names: racist, bigot, anti-gay, etc, by people of the exact group he’s now aiming to protect. Despite his broader appeal shifting his overall candidacy further left, Trump laid out a concrete and extensive solution. Did we hear any point-by-point plan from Clinton?

Whether we did or not, it doesn’t matter. Voters continue to back the former secretary, and now in greater numbers. The average poll shows Trump now trailing Clinton by six points, and in a Bloomberg poll by a whopping twelve. The pair were tied just a short time ago.

With Orlando now factored into poll results, it shows the LGBT group and those who firmly support LGBT rights straight have solidified their support for Clinton over Trump. It appears those voters find negatives in Trump’s brash way of communicating his ideas that outweigh the positives of those ideas. It would be unwise for Trump to back away from supporting the LGBT group and again from his proposed Muslim ban so soon, but as long as this two-steps-back, one-step-forward pattern of his perception continues, Clinton will be the 45th president of the United States.

We were certainly bound to have a crisis sometime in the election period. Less than a month later since his theory, Krauthammer’s wild card came true, and the general has once again been turned upside down on its head. But remember: If what is considered the deadliest U.S. attack since 9/11 occur in the early innings of the general election period, imagine what can happen during the rest of the game.


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